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ROL Manufacturing has one basic philosophy when it comes to manufacturing Undercar parts such as clamps, hangers and accessories; continue to be North America’s largest manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust accessories with the most coverage. Where there is a request for an exhaust accessory ROL Exhaust will manufacture it.


With over 2300 part numbers, ROL Exhaust is not only the largest North American Aftermarket Manufacturer of quality exhaust accessories but also has the most coverage.


ROL researches the automotive exhaust industry, follows the trends and, most importantly, LISTENS to the service installers. By listening to the guys who are the end users of the products, ROL gains an intimate knowledge of what really is being used in the industry as well as what modifications will help the person doing the actual job.

Products include:

  • Muffler, Circular and Air Tube Clamps
  • Split and Metal Flanges
  • Universal and OEM Style Hangers, Brackets, Straps and Wires
  • Exhaust Gaskets
  • Flex Tubing
  • Hardware including Spring Kits, Bolts, Nuts, Bushings and more!

ROL offers many different grades of product from Standard duty to Heavy Duty to Severe Duty as well as offering the styles demanded by the professionals. The materials ROL uses have been tested to withstand the demands of the harshest North American winters. ROL also offers products in Stainless Steel for the discriminating professional who requires superior appearance as well as superior durability.

ROL has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Canada, Mexico and the United States as well as additional distribution facilities in Israel. Our Oviedo, Florida center is responsible for exporting to Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America . Our the Laval, Canada facility distributes throughout Canada and our Ohio facility handles customers in the United States. ROL Exhaust takes pride in the fact that their distribution systems is fully capable of meeting the demands of anyone’s JIT requirements.

ROL is truly a basic manufacturer of Exhaust Clamps and Accessories. Over 98% of the products found in the ROL Catalog are manufactured in a ROL owned and operated facility. ROL is committed to the customer and the aftermarket. If there is enough demand for a product to make it available in the ROL product line then there is enough to manufacture the product in-house.

Everything in the ROL product line is painstakingly reviewed and analyzed to insure the best materials, the best designs and the best construction is used. ROL is constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve all the products they produce for the market.

While the ROL Exhaust brand name is becoming THE recognized name in the industry, the list of ROL customers is a who’s who in the industry. From Walker and Goerlich to ArvinMeritor and Midas/IPC, if they sell exhaust accessories, ROL manufactured products are in their line.

If there is a unique design characteristic for a product ROL will build it to your specifications and make it available exclusively to you. By listening to and producing what the customer wants, ROL has become and will continue to be a leader in the Exhaust Accessories Industry.

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